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Agrária’s commitment to its cooperative members and to the community leads to action in important projects. With investments in the Semmelweis Foundation, encouragement for sports, the development of volunteer programs and support for several entities, the Cooperative expresses its concern to contribute to the health and well-being of all those around it.

Semmelweis Foundation

Apoio ao Hospital

The Semmelweis Hospital and Pharmacy attend patients from Entre Rios and the entire region, providing service in six medical specialties and a vast number of complementary medical tests.

Besides Agrária, the Semmelweis Foundation is widely supported by the community, the Cooperative’s members and employees, and partner companies.

Semmelweis Foundation
+55 (42) 3625 8500

Agrária Solidary Integration Program (“PAIS”)

Every year, Agrária’s employees are encouraged to participate in solidarity and volunteer activities. Under the name of PAIS (Agrária Solidary Integration Program), campaigns are carried out to collect food and warm clothing,
for blood donations, and for educational and social activities, in addition to money contributions to maintain social assistance entities and projects in Entre Rios, Guarapuava and Pinhão.

Agrária Solidary Integration Program ("PAIS")

Entities Supported 2017
Associação Canaã Lar do Idoso São Francisco de Assis (Pinhão) Lar Escola Retiro Feliz (Guarapuava) Albergue Noturno Frederico Ozanam (Guarapuava). Projeção (Projeto Jovens em Ação) - Entre Rios
Results Record Year
Campaign 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Blood donations Bags 512 522 290 279 492 269
Food Collection Kg 5.380 8.780 8.520 5.960 5.080 6.360
Warm Clothing Collection Kg 2.160 2.890 3.465 3.900 4.880 3.980
Sale of Panettones Un. 3.887 5.403 5.637 9.041 6.845 4.683
Resource Delivery R$ 39.718 51.768 55.002 65.786 67.035 65.549


Apoio ao esporte
Support for the community's sports activities and wellbeing is provided annually by Agrária through various different initiatives, including those carried out by the Danube Sports Association.
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