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Interaction among people, the business and the environment form the three pillars of sustainability – a concept that has already taken root in several of the Cooperative’s fronts. Among other advances, this process – which is included in the Strategic Planning, based on the strategic proposition “SER” (Sustainability, Ebitda and Return) – has contributed to a reduction in the number of accidents involving sick leave, thus bringing the Cooperative closer to its target of zeroing this rate by 2018. Likewise, Agrária gave even greater attention to other aspects inherent to sustainability, such as its concern with perpetuating its members’ business, and ensuring the history and culture of the Danube Swabians and of the whole community are properly valued, as well as environmental preservation.

The Environment

Cooperativa Agrária’s concern for the environment encompasses three large segments of the public: our members, the industries, and the whole community. They all show environmental awareness by means of important attitudes.


  • Making available the Environment Management Program within the PACR (Agrária Program for Rural Certification);
  • FAPA’s research leads to efficient use of agrochemicals and fertilizers, thus reducing the environmental impact;
  • The return of empty agro-chemical containers;
  • Receipt of lubricant oil containers.


  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – the “three R’s” concept is part of Agrária’s everyday activities in the administrative and industrial spheres;
  • All of Agrária’s units have their environmental licensing in conformity with the regulations;
  • The Cooperative uses renewable energysources (Biomass - wood);
  • The quantities of inputs, such as chemical products, electric power, office materials and packaging, are planned and controlled, in order to optimize the use of natural resources during the production process.


Agrária participates directly in the selective waste collection program, and also sends its own solid waste to the recycling center. The Cooperative also has a landfill area to dispose of vegetable waste and rubble from construction work.


The Cooperative’s concern for the community led it to provide active assistance, for another year, in the form of improvements carried out through the Entre Rios Central Community Association, which has a partnership with the Guarapuava Town Hall. Agrária also gives support to several entities.


Integration and recognition

Agrária’s recognition of its cooperative members and employees was made evident at the great events in the course of the year, offering opportunities for these two groups to interact.

  • Agrária’s 64th anniversary, with a Bavarian Breakfast
  • The Barley Festival
  • The Workers’ Festival
  • Breakfasts with Cooperative Members
  • The Maypole Festival
  • National and international technical trips
  • End-of-Year Party
  • The Youth Center’s Oktoberfest
  • “Cooperative Photo” Contest



Health and well-beingr

Actions focusing on health at the work-place
included the annual flu vaccination campaign,
in May. Talks, specifically for women and
men, discussed the importance of prevention,
in the “Pink October” and “Blue November”
campaigns, respectively.


Accident reduction project

Besides structures and processes, a good
performance in relation to safety at work
depends essentially on people. The accident
reduction project implemented in 2015,
included several actions – especially preventive
ones – aiming at the target of eliminating
cases involving sick leave by 2018.

CIPAs and Brigades

In addition to having “CIPAs” (Internal Commissions for Accident Prevention) with wide-ranging operations, Agrária has highlyqualified emergency brigade members. The objective is to encourage the engagement of employees in safety issues, seeking a safer and healthier working environment.


    Emergency Brigades

  • 220 hours of theoretical and practical training sessions
  • 160 Brigade Members trained
  • 4 Emergency Brigades throughout the Cooperative


De Olho

The behavioral observation program “De Olho” is one of the main tools to attain, by detecting and controlling deviations, the target of bringing down to zero the number of employees on sick leave. The results achieved by training managers, coordinators and supervisors in the course of 2015 have already been fruitful.


Swabian Brazilian Cultural Foundation

Dozens of cultural presentations, hundreds
of readers of the Entre Rios Magazine, and
thousands of visitors to the Entre Rios Historical
Museum and listeners to the Unicentro Entre
Rios FM Radio Station: by these means the
Swabian Brazilian Cultural Foundation (FCSB)
reaffirmed its mission to preserve, promote and
disseminate the culture and traditions brought
to us by the pioneers, over six decades ago.

R$ 3,031 million
in investments from Agrária, donations and allocations covered by the Rouanet Law

47 cultural presentations
carried out in-house and outside by the 386 members of the 34 cultural groups

FCSB’s actions
had an impact on 67,500 people, either personally or virtually, including those attending events, visitors to the Historical Museum, and members of cultural groups, as well as on-line visits.

500 people
in the National Museums Week


In 2015, the Swabian Brazilian Cultural
Foundation organized several attractions, such
as the Maypole Festival, the Barley Festival
Cultural Program, the Christmas Fair, and
many others.

Jugendcenter: 40 Years

The Jugendcenter (Youth Center), whose purpose is to maintain the Swabian culture and to promote leisure and entertainment for the young people of Entre Rios, completed 40 years of existence. Former and current members and users participated in the special celebration.

Unicentro Entre Rios FM Radio Station

In November 2015, the radio station maintained by Cooperativa Agrária and Unicentro (Mid-West State University), in partnership, changed its name to Unicentro Entre Rios FM Radio Station. The change from “University” to “Unicentro” is intended to add value to the brand-name and its partners.

Entre Rios Historical Museum

The modern and intuitive attractions of the Entre Rios Historical Museum were enjoyed by approximately 10,500 visitors in 2015. The institution records, in great detail, the whole history of the Danube Swabians, from the 18th Century to the present time.

Imperatriz Dona Leopoldina School

With the education of its pupils as both students and citizens as one of its fundamental aims, the performance of the Imperatriz Dona Leopoldina School was recognized by the National Award for Educational Management (“PNGE”). The “Volunteer and Social Action Project”, which brings together students in the 8 to 16-year age groups, received the award from the Education Ministry for actions benefiting the local community.

Some of the projects developed by the Imperatriz Dona Leopoldina School:

  • Green Forest Project
  • Volunteer and Social Action Project
  • Reading Project
  • Music and dancing classes given by the Swabian Brazilian Cultural Foundation
  • Football School at the Danube Sports Association
  • Lego Project
  • Technical trips and visits
  • Institution accredited for theoretical training for the Young Apprentice Program

Results, participations and awards:

  • 2015 National Award for Educational
    Management received in the Social
    Responsibility category, for the Imperatriz
    Volunteer and Social Action Project
  • Approval of 100% of students in the DSD II
    proficiency tests in the German language,
    and 87% at the DSD I level.
  • For the sixth time in the last eight years, a
    student from the Imperatriz Dona Leopoldina
    School was awarded a trip to Germany
    through the “Preisträgerprogramm” contest
    – promoted by the PAD (German Service for
    Learning Exchanges).
  • Participation in the Deutscholympiade(German Language Olympiad)
  • Brazilian Rocket Show and Brazilian Astronomy Tournament
  • Brazilian Chemistry, Physics and Math Tournaments
  • Three champion handball teams in the “JESP” (School Games during Independence Week)
    Handebol sub-10 e sub-12.
  • The School hosted the Paraná Handball Championships for under-12s and under-10s.


Semmelweis Foundation

In 2015, the Semmelweis Hospital won
certification under the “Clean Hands, Safe
Patients” project, in relation to all its facilities,
given by the State Health Secretariat. The
Foundation, which also includes the Semmelweis
Pharmacy, was supported again by donations
made by cooperative members, employees,
the community and partner companies. With
contributions from Cooperativa Agrária and
the amounts collected at events such as the
charity show with Sidney Magal and the C-Dur-
Trio, the Semmelweis Foundation invested in
improvements including the following:
investiu em melhorias, como:

  • Conclusion of the morgue
  • Refurbishing of the administrative wing and reception
  • Acquisition of a new emergency trolley
  • Modernization of the records system.


The PAIS (Agrária Program for Solidary
Integration) completed 10 years of existence in
2015. And just as in previous editions, the four
teams formed by employees of the Cooperative
excelled in their voluntary action efforts, with
record collections of warm clothes and panettones.
In all, the entities were given over R$ 65,000.00

  • Canaã – Entre Rios
  • APAE – Pinhão
  • John Paul II Educational Center – Guarapuava
  • ACOPECC (Mid-Western Paraná Association for Cancer Studies and Combat) – Guarapuava
  • Projeção (Young People in Action Project) – Entre Rios
  • Guarapuava Blood Bank


Projeção (Young People in Action Project) celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2015. Maintained by the Entre Rios Ladies’ Charitable Association, the institution has been supported by Agrária since the beginning of its activities. This special date was celebrated in April, at the Projeção headquarters.

ABSER: 25 Years

Abser (the Entre Rios Ladies’ Charitable Association), set up on June 6, 1990, celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2015. Among the association’s main objectives are the promotion of social assistance to the needy population in Entre Rios, and protection of the family, motherhood, childhood, adolescence and old age, with aid for children and adolescents
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