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dominating the production chain

Agrária Malte is present in all stages of malt production. Learn about the details of each stage in the production process, below.

research into malting barley

The malt industry and the Agrária Foundation for Agricultural Research (FAPA) work in unison, aiming at the quality of the final product. In trials carried out in the region, FAPA studies and determines which varieties and technologies indicated for barley cultivation result in high-quality malt. These results are passed on to cooperative members and customers at events such as field days and the WinterShow.

technology in the field

Agrária Malte is present in every stage of malt production. Learn about some production details, below.
Agrária counts on the experience of its cooperative members for the production of malting barley. With the support of FAPA and the Cooperative’s Technical Assistance agronomists, our members are among the most longstanding and technique-focused producers in this agricultural segment today. In Agrária’s region, cultivation takes place in the Winter and Spring seasons, with planting in June and the harvest in November.

history of Agrária malte

Agrária Malte is the malt plant of Cooperativa Agrária Agroindustrial. Operating since 1981 in the Entre Rios district (Guarapuava/ Paraná/ Brazil), the industry is the largest in its segment in the country. As a result, the Cooperative’s market share is about 20% of the Brazilian malt market.

Agrária Malte is the largest commercial malting plant in Brazil and the 17th largest worldwide. In 2009, the industry was expanded. With investments of R$ 164 million, the installed capacity was increased by 60%: from 140,000 tons/year to 220,000 tons/year. Agrária’s malting plant is now placed among the largest and most modern in the world. Besides its modern installations, Agrária’s malting plant produces malt based on agricultural research developed with institutions in Brazil and Germany.

Agrária Malte’s high degree of experience enabled the industry to become the commercial representative of Weyermann®, one of the most traditional German malting plants, and of Lallemand, HVG, Crisp and Dingemans. So, in addition to Pilsner malt (national), we also sell special malts, hops, yeasts and malt extracts.

highly qualified team

Agrária Malte has a highly qualified team, with master brewers and maltsters who have graduated from Weihenstephan, in Germany, the most renowned brewing school in the world, and brewing technicians trained at the Senai (National Industrial Apprenticeship Service) in Vassouras - RJ.

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